Car Accident Lawyers Warn Houston Residents of Rise

Houston, June 25, 2021 (GLOBE NewSWIRE) -- Insurance companies won't show much compassion if you are involved in an accident that results in injuries or death. Their business model is to keep profits high and pay as little as possible. This business-mentality ignores emotions and empathy.

Houston residents are being warned about deceitful insurance adjusters calling you shortly after your collision. The adjusters are there to discredit your case and reduce any compensation you may be entitled to.

Car Accident Lawyers Warn Houston Residents of Rise

Fleming Law Personal Injuries Attorney is well-acquainted with this scenario. They have been Houston traffic collision lawyers for more than 30 years. Fleming Law believes that insurance adjusters are catching unsuspecting drivers off guard and they are attempting to help Houston residents understand their rights in the event of an accident.

Fleming Law outlines what to do if you are in an accident.

1. Be aware of your rights and do not divulge any information that could cause harm to your case

You must understand the meaning of any contact from an insurance adjuster for another driver.

    Your injuries and your needs are not important to the insurance adjuster
    Insurance companies and adjusters only care about making money.
    They will pay as little as possible to you for your injuries

It's important that you remember your rights and take steps to ensure you receive full compensation if this is your first collision.

Before you give any information to an adjuster, speak to an car wreck lawyer. In preparing questions and eliciting the answers that will benefit the insurance company, insurance adjusters are as competent as trial lawyers.

2. Take down all the details and consult a lawyer for car accident victims

It can be very distressing to get in a car accident. As your brain attempts to process the shock and make sense, all sorts of thoughts will flood through your head, including: are you hurt? Will it cost me a lot to fix my vehicle? Are the other drivers harmed? And will it have an impact on your daily life?

But, time is everything. Take care of your injuries and yourself first. It is crucial to record all details as soon as possible following an accident so you can build your case.

    Photograph the incident, if you can, from a safe location
    Record your voice on your phone and record what you hear.
    Request a police report
    Photograph the driver's license and insurance information.

Fleming Law Personal Injuries Attorney can assist you in assembling the evidence and information that you have and will represent you with exceptional quality, experience and to seek full compensation for the damages that you owe.

3. Learn how to get damages from a Houston car accident

Houston is a city where auto accidents are common. There are many kinds of accidents. It's unlikely that you will be able to recover all damages if you are involved in an auto accident.

Damages are usually referred to as "pain and suffering", which refers only to the non-economic consequences of a serious personal injury. It can also refer to emotional distress as well as physical pain.

You can recover damages from other drivers depending on the type of car insurance you have, the severity of your injuries, the amount of rehabilitation or medical treatment you had to undergo, and the long-term impact on your life.

After a crash, it is important to contact Fleming car wreck lawyer houston - Houston as soon as possible. They will be able to document your claim and help you get the maximum compensation.

Only the best car accident lawyers will ask for a payment if you win your case

It is possible to be concerned about the cost of quality legal representation. Fleming Law Personal injury attorney - Houston can put those worries to rest. If they fail to win your case, they will not charge you anything. It's that simple. For more evidence of their outstanding win rates, take a look at their Houston car wreck lawyer reviews.

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Michael P. Fleming, who unfortunately died in July 2020, was the champion of Fleming Law Personal Injuries Attorney. He was consistently rated one of Houston's top car accident lawyers up until his passing. Michael brought together the best attorneys in Texas to help him. 

His team continues to carry the company with the same professionalism, grit and exceptionalalism as Michael. Fleming Law P.C is the right team to contact if you have been injured in an accident. Visit the website to learn more:


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