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Law School students and University play roles in Big Income

After an eight-year legal battle against Remington Arms, nine Sandy Hook victims' families reached a historic settlement worth $73 million. Remington Arms manufactured the AR-15-style weapon Sandy Hook's perpetrator used to kill 26 kindergarteners, first graders, and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  After developing a new legal theory that would hold gun companies responsible for gun violence incidents, Katie Mesner-Hage LAW ’13 and lead attorneys Josh Koskoff, Alinor Sterling, at Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder were able to secure the settlement. Day Pitney, a Connecticut law firm that originally represented Remington Arms as well as Yale, filed to end their Remington representation in December. Law School students and University play roles in Big Income Mesner-Hage was hired as the first fellow for a program Koskoff launched to help law school graduates. This was due to her prior experience with gun laws in law school. While working as a research assistant at Law School

Car Accident Lawyers Warn Houston Residents of Rise

Houston, June 25, 2021 (GLOBE NewSWIRE) -- Insurance companies won't show much compassion if you are involved in an accident that results in injuries or death. Their business model is to keep profits high and pay as little as possible. This business-mentality ignores emotions and empathy. Houston residents are being warned about deceitful insurance adjusters calling you shortly after your collision. The adjusters are there to discredit your case and reduce any compensation you may be entitled to. Car Accident Lawyers Warn Houston Residents of Rise Fleming Law Personal Injuries Attorney is well-acquainted with this scenario. They have been Houston traffic collision lawyers for more than 30 years. Fleming Law believes that insurance adjusters are catching unsuspecting drivers off guard and they are attempting to help Houston residents understand their rights in the event of an accident. Fleming Law outlines what to do if you are in an accident. 1. Be aware of your rights and do not d